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Our staff all have a passion for childcare, and share our mission to provide a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Our staff have a range of qualifications and experiences, and regularly attend training courses and online programmes, to develop and enchance their knowledge and practice. We have even had several staff members travel abroad to countries such as Slovenia and Sweden, to participate in exchange programmes with early years professionals around the world.  We are proud that many of our staff choose to stay with us for many years, and know that this provides an element of consistency for children and their families. Our longest standing member of staff has currently worked for us for 19 years!

Some of our staff work on a part time basis, and so may spend time in all of the rooms. This means that we do not use any agency staff, and all staff are known to the children.
Several of our staff also have children of their own, and so know the importance of finding the right nursery. Our staff all have a range of interests and specific skills, and these are regularly reflected in the planning of activities across the nursery.


Andrea - Owner




Janine - Manager - Level 5


Janine has worked in the Early years sector since leaving school. Initially joining bright skies in the year 2000, Janine acquired plenty of experience across all groups within the nursery. Janine then left Bright skies in 2006 to work for a local childrens centre, however after having her children, Janine returned to us in 2016 as manager. Janine has two children of her own, so has a good understanding of the needs of families who require high quality, individualised childcare.


Ruth - Level 5


Ruth joined Bright skies in 2006. Prior to this, she had attained her NNEB Level 3 qualification at college, and spent several years working for another pre school in leeds. Ruth has worked accross all of the age groups, and in 2016, her desire for continuous professional development saw her enrol on a 2 year foundation degree in Children care, learning and development. Now qualified to level 5, Ruth works across the nursery, and particularly enjoys activities relating to dance and drama, as these are her interests outside of nursery. 


Bev - Level 3


Bev joined the team at Bright skies in 2006. Prior to working at Bright Skies, Bev had worked at a local pre school as a parent volunteer. Realising that she had a passion for childcare, Bev completed her Level 3 qualification in Pre School practice. Bev supports the staff across all of the age groups at nursery, and becomes a familiar face to parents and children alike. Bev has 3 grown up children and two grandchildren, so is always busy outside of nursery, too. 


Danielle - Level 6


Danielle joined Bright Skies in 2014, shortly after completing her Degree in Early Childhood Studies at university. Danielle has experience across all of the age groups at nursery, and throughougly enjoys watching as the children grow and learn new concepts. Danielle enjoys spending time with her horse outside of nursery, and can be found outside in all weathers!

Gemma He. - Level 3


Gemma joined Bright skies in 2010, initially on a part time basis. Having spent time travelling, and working in portugal, Gemma returned to Bright Skies full time, and completed her level 3 qualification. Like most staff, Gemma has experience across a range of age groups. Gemma has also completed training related to supporting children with additional needs, and has also been a one to one support practitioner during her time at bright skies.


Gemma Hi. - Level 3


Gemma joined the team in 2012, as an apprentice. Since then, she has qualified with a Level 3 qualification. Gemma is a very patient and caring practitioner, and currently works with our rounger pre school children (honeybees). 

Natalie - Level 5


Natalie joined Bright Skies in 2017, after completing her foundation degree in childrens care, learning and development at Leeds city college. Natalie works with our younger pre school children (honey bees), although has also had experience with our caterpillar children, too! Natalie enjoys creative activities with the children, and key group time. 


Gina - Level 3


Gina joined Bright skies in 2011, as an apprentice. Since then, Gina has gained her level 2 and level 3 qualifications, and a range of experience, particularly in our baby room where she is currently based. Gina is experienced in helping babies and new starters settle into nursery life. 


Abbie - Level 3


Abbie also works in our baby room. Abbie joined the team in 2014, after completing her level 3 qualification at Leeds city college. Abbie initially started working in our pre school room, where she spend several happy years watching the children learn and develop, and helping to prepare them for school. In the past couple of years, Abbie joined our baby room team. Abbie enjoys helping babies to achieve some of their earliest milestones. 

Fiona - Early years professional status


Fiona joined the Bright skies team in 2014,having spent serval years at another nursery in the pre school room. Fiona is currently based with our ladybird children, and enjoys supporting them as they explore the world around them. Outside of nursery, Fiona enjoys teaching at the local music centre. 

Pauline - Level 3


Pauline joined the Bright skies team in 2001, with a level 3 qualification. Pauline enjoys working with all age groups in the early years, and is currently also based with our ladybird children. Pauline particularly enjoys messy play activities, and also likes to plan time for music and movement activities, too. 


Caitlin - Level 2


Caitlin joined the team in 2018. Caitlin has a level 2 qualifications in childrens learning and development, and is currently working towards her level 3. 

Emma - Level 3


Emma joined the team in 2017, with a wealth of experience, and a level 3 qualification in childrens learning and development. Emma has worked across all of the early years age groups. 

Sammy - Level 3


Sammy joined the Bright skies team in 2013, as an apprentice. Over the years, Sammy has achieved he level 2 and level 3 qualifications, and has had a daughter of her own. Now working part time, Sammy spends time in all of the rooms at nursery. 

Stephanie - Level 3


Stephanie came to bright skies in 2015. Prior to this, Stephanie had worked abroad, and still enjoys travel when she can. Since joining bright skies, Stephanie has completed her level 3 qualification, and particularly enjoys working with the caterpillar children. 

Bethany - Level 2


Bethany joined Bright Skies in 2018 as an apprentice. She has since obtained her level 2 qualification, and is currently working towards her level 3. Bethany has been based in our pre school room previously, and is now enjoying working with our caterpillar children. 

Leanne - Level 3


Leanne joined the bright skies team in 2001, and since then has worked accross all of the age groups. Since having children of her own, Leanne currently works part time. 

Lorraine - Level 3


Lorraine has worked at Bright skies since 2006. Lorraine works on a part time basis, accross all of the age groups, and particularly enjoys story times and key group time. Lorraine is also a big animal lover and outside of nursery dedicates a lot of her free time to caring for them. 

Gillian - Onsite Cook


Gillian joined the bright skies team in 2017. Gillian has a level 3 qualification in Health and Nutrition, and works hard in our kitchen to create healthy and tasty meals, and maintain our 5* food hygiene rating! 

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