Bright skies is a family oriented setting. We not only aim to provide high quality childcare, but aim to include families as a whole as much as possible in our setting. Here are some of the ways in which we do this:

Online Journals

One of the easiest ways to keep parents regularly informed about their childs day, is by using an online system that allows us to publish observations instantly, meaning that you can see what your child is up to at a time that suits you. Staff record observations regularly. These may be long and detailed observations regarding a specific stage of development, or they may be snap shot observations of a particular activity. We upload pictures and videos, and for younger children, a ‘daily diary’ detailing what your child has eaten, if they have slept, and information on nappy changes. We are still able to give verbal feedback at the end of each day, too, and parents can upload their own pictures onto their childrens journal if they wish. The system is secure, and parents can only see their own childs profile. When starting at nursery, the management team will inform you on how to access the journals.

Social media

We have two facebook pages that we use to keep parents and carers updated with the every day goings on of nursery life. The first page is a public page, and the second is a private, current parents and carers only group. We will always obtain your permission before using your childs pictures on any of our social media pages. You will be invited to join our closed group when you start with us.


We run several events throughout the year which we invite parents and extended family members to attend. These include Christmas concerts, summer graduation events and annual trips.

Written reports

We regularly monitor childrens learning and development as they progress through the nursery. This allows us to highlight any particular areas of interest and work out next steps for childrens development. Information regarding your childs current stage of development is always available upon request..
At the end of a childs journey with us, usually before starting school, we write a transition report. A copy of this is always sent to parents before being sent to school and we welcome feedback and comments.

Parent sharing sheets

We send out information sheets every three months. This gives parents a chance to tell us about any particular events and celebrations coming up that may be important to the child, which then helps us plan appropriate activities, and link home and nursery life.

News letter

We send out regular news letters to parents, detailing any up coming events and staff news.

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