Outside Space

At bright skies, we love to get outside, and so we spend as much time as possible in our gardens.
We are very fortunate to have over 1/3 of an acre of land, and we have split this into several spaces.
The front garden is most frequently used by our younger children, however our older children enjoy it, too. This garden has a large sandpit at floor level, water play opportunities, and a climbing frame. We also grow a range of different plants, which the children love to explore.

Our back garden is accessed freely by our pre school children; the doors are always open, and the weather does not dictate when we get outside! In the winter, we put on wellington boots and get messy in our mud kitchen, which is equipped with utensils, pots and pans, leading to some very interesting creations. In the summer, we create sheltered reading corners, and cool down in our mini stream or paddling pool! There is also plenty of space to ride bikes and scooters, have running races, and play ballgames. This space has opportunities for children to practice their fine motor skills, such as climbing in the tree, and also has a dedicated art shed, where children can freely access a range of creative resources.

We also have a secure, well fenced space next to our car park. Here you will find our caravan, which we allow the children to use as they wish. It can be anything, from an ambulance to an ice cream van. In our side garden there is also a fairy garden and a stage area, which the children love to use to put on shows. This is equipped with musical instruments and dressing up clothes.

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