Our mission statement: To provide high quality childcare, a customer driven service and above all, ensure "happy children" Andrea Webster, (Owner, Bright Skies Nursery)
Our mission statement: To provide high quality childcare, a customer driven service and above all, ensure "happy children"  Andrea Webster, (Owner, Bright Skies Nursery)

Health and NutriTIOn

It is vital to children’s well-being and long term health to lay the foundations for a lifetime of healthy eating and physical activity as early as possible. At Bright Skies we believe we have an important role to play in this, through the food we provide and the activities that we plan, working in partnership with our parents.
What do we do
We aim to provide a healthy menu containing the correct balance of different food groups. This promotes higher energy levels, increased immunity to illness and improved attention span, all of which help improve learning outcomes and development.
Through the provision of regular meals, sitting down and eating with the children and encouraging good manners we help form a lifetime of good eating habits.
We promote the importance and benefits of an active life. We provide opportunities and support for all children to access physical activities both inside and out that are fun and meet their individual needs.
We also add a sprinkling of over 20 years’ experience of feeding small children.
What don’t we do.
We do not use food as a reward for good behaviour or withhold food for bad behaviour and we never withhold food from a hungry child. 
Other Information
1.Breastfeeding - We welcome any mother who wants to call in and breast feed their child and will work with them to provide the right environment to enable this.
2.Formula Milk - We ask that you provide your own bottles and formula milk. We will make this up when the child requires the feed. We do ask that you trust our judgement on when the child needs this to a certain extent as the change of routine and environment due to being in a nursery may have an effect on when they require a feed.
3. Weaning - We work in partnership with you to wean your child and will provide the appropriate food at the appropriate stages.
4. Planning Our Menus - Our menus are planned to ensure that throughout the day your child eats a balanced diet that contains different food from all four food groups to meet their nutritional requirements;
Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods. These foods provide energy, iron and other minerals, B vitamins and fibre. Thy should make up one third of a child’s diet.
- Fruit and vegetables. These are important for vitamins which are essential for health and vitality and protection against diseases. Many children do not eat enough fruit and vegetables. We introduce them early on, in the baby room and find that Bright Skies children are good eaters of fruit and vegetables. We introduce them in a variety of ways and even grow some of our own.
- Milk and dairy foods. These foods are a good source of calcium as well as energy, fat, protein and vitamin A. We provide milk to drink and on cereals, yogurts, milk puddings and sources as well cheese.
 - Meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein. These provide protein, iron and zinc. Our main meal always contains food from this group.
- Sugar. We do not exclude sugar (cakes, biscuits, puddings) from our menu as this is not recommended but we aim to include them with foods with nutrional value e.g fruit puddings.
- Salt. We do not add salt to food or serve at the table and we limit salty food products.
Children have small stomachs but high energy and nutritional needs. We provide three meals throughout the day and one/two snacks.
5.Our meals
Breakfast- we provide a range of cereals, toast and other items that may vary e.g yogurt, fruit.
Mid morning snack
Lunch – we provide a two course lunch and through the week this will include one vegetarian and one fish meal.
Tea – we provide a two course tea, which may be hot or cold.
Last snack approx. 5pm
Home-due to the expansion of energy levels your child may still want something to eat at home.
6.Atmosphere at mealtimes
We aim to be relaxed and friendly at mealtimes. Our mealtimes are also a social time and we encourage conversation. We encourage children to try their food and aim to avoid battlegrounds, but we respect a child’s view of what they like and dislike.
7.Individual Dietary Requirement
We partner with parents to take account of individual dietry requirements and allergies.
We have robust health and hygiene procedures in place.
9.The Menus
We have five core menus and supplement these with special occasion menus. The weekly menu is uploaded onto the daily diary section of our online journals.
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