Our mission statement: To provide high quality childcare, a customer driven service and above all, ensure "happy children" Andrea Webster, (Owner, Bright Skies Nursery)
Our mission statement: To provide high quality childcare, a customer driven service and above all, ensure "happy children"  Andrea Webster, (Owner, Bright Skies Nursery)

Opening Times

Our normal opening hours are 7.15am to 5.45pm. However we offer an early drop from 7.00am (there is an additional charge of £1.50 for this, although we tend not to charge this if you collect your child before 5pm) 

We also offer an extended pick up time up to 6.30pm if you have an emergency or are, for example, stuck in traffic. Collection after 6pm is charged at £1.50 per 15 minutes. Collection after 6.30pm is charged at £6 per 15 minutes or part thereof.




Two or more days per week

If your child is attending nursery two or more days a week the fees are as follows;




Single Day


Short Day (9.00am-3.00pm)



A limited number of half days are available at the discretion of the nursery.


One day per week

Since opening in 1994 experience has taught us that children do not settle as well or benefit as much from the nursery environment when they are only with us one day a week. It is more difficult for them to form attachments to the staff, build friendships with the other children and adapt to the nursery routines. It is also difficult for their key worker to carry out full observations and assessments in just one day and therefore, we do not recommend that your child attends nursery for just one day a week. However, we do not enforce a two day minimum until your child is old enough to access the free education funding. We will consider one day attendance, but if your child is not settling well and we believe they are not happy here we will recommend withdrawal from the nursery.




Payment Terms and Other Considerations


  1. Fees are payable by the last day of the previous month.
  2. Fees include all meals and nappies
  3. A registration fee of £25.00 is payable on return of the enrolment form. This will be refunded if we are unable to offer you a place.
  4. Once a place has been offered a deposit is required. (£150.00 for full time and £75.00 for part time) This will be refunded against the first months fees
    • If reducing the days on a full time place, £75 of the £150 deposit will be retained by the nursery and you will need to reapply for the days.
    • The deposit is non-refundable should the place be cancelled. 
    • Should there be any changes/reduction to the original agreed days of attendance, the deposit will be non-refundable and the nursery will specify which days are available to change/reduce
    • In the event of a delay to the agreed start date, the nursery reserves the right to charge half fees for the delayed period.


  1. A 5% reduction will be given for a full time nursery place (Monday – Friday)
  2. A 10% reduction will be given for a second child. This will be given to the child with the lowest monthly fee cost.
  3. Two months’ notice must be given in writing before the removal of a child from the nursery.
  4. Full fees are payable if the child is absent through sickness. However for prolonged absence, the nursery may at its discretion, refund some of the fees.
  5. After 6.30pm there will be a charge of £6.00 per 15 minutes.



Arranging a visit

If you would like to come and view our nursery, please make an appointment.

During the visit we will go thorugh everything you need to know, show you some of the wide range of activities and resources we have to offer and introduce you to some of our staff.


The registration fee is £25.00 and is required at the time of booking the place, if we are unable to offer you a place when it is needed this will be refunded


What happens if my child is ill?

It's unavoidable that small children catch all kinds of minor infections. We appreciate that parents need to work so we do our best to look after your child if they have coughs and colds by administering calpol and deploying additional staff. However if your child is unwell with an infectious disease or sickness/diarrhoea, they must stay at home until they have recovered and are no longer infectious.

In the event of prolonged absence through illness the nursery will consider, at it's discretion, refunding half fees.

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