Our mission statement: To provide high quality childcare, a customer driven service and above all, ensure "happy children" Andrea Webster, (Owner, Bright Skies Nursery)
Our mission statement: To provide high quality childcare, a customer driven service and above all, ensure "happy children"  Andrea Webster, (Owner, Bright Skies Nursery)

Ladybird Room

The Ladybird room can be found on our first floor and has views over the front and the back gardens.  Children tend to move to this room around 16-18months old and will stay here until they are approximately two or when they are developmentally ready to move on.  Split in to two halves, this room has a messy area for sand and water play, meal times and creative activities and a quieter area for stories and nap time.

The room is equipped with a slide, a book corner with cushions and stories, a variety of toys and games such as musical instruments, a kitchen, soft play, a maths, construction and heuristic area and a separate nappy changing room.  

 The ratio for this room is 1:3 (1 adult to 3 children)

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