Our mission statement: To provide high quality childcare, a customer driven service and above all, ensure "happy children" Andrea Webster, (Owner, Bright Skies Nursery)
Our mission statement: To provide high quality childcare, a customer driven service and above all, ensure "happy children"  Andrea Webster, (Owner, Bright Skies Nursery)

A typical day at Bright skies

Our nursery routine is very flexible. Not only is it adapted to each room depending on the age of the children but on each child individuall as well. We know that no two days are the same when it comes to a childs needs and we structure our day around the needs of our children at that time. 



Time Activity
07.30- 08.30 Arrival and Breakfast
08.30-11.30 Activities and Play Time
11.30-12.30 Lunch
12.30-15.30 Activities and Play Time
15.30-16.30 Tea
16.30-18.00 Activities and Play Time
18.00 Nursery Closes


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