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Bright Skies Nursery
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Bright Skies Nursery



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Welcome to Bright Skies Nursery!

Are you looking for a nursery that will genuinely love and care for your child with all-round personal attention? Then you've come to the right place! We provide a caring and warm-hearted atmosphere for your child. All of our rooms are light and airy with a 'home from home feel'. We pride ourselves on the love, care and attention we give our children. 

We currently have four play rooms in the nursery:

Our Butterfly room is for children from 3 months to when they are emotionally and socially ready to move up. as this varies for each child we make the judgements as to when to move them on an individual basis. This room is light, bright and airy with a variety of toys available, we keep this room clutter free to allow the children to move around freely and explore. The ratio for this room is 1:3 (1 adult to 3 children). 

Our Lady bird room is for children aged 1-2 years although again this will depend on each child and their individual needs. In this room there are a variety of activities and resources available, such as sand, water and play dough. We enjoy mark making and painting as well as also having a small climbing frame and silde as well as a garage, dolls house and home corner area.  The ratio for this room is 1:3 (1 adult to 3 children)

Our next room are the Caterpillars, In this room the children have access to a variety of activities such as gluing, painting and role play. There is also free access to the bathroom where the childrn can manage their own toiletting needs. The ration for this room is 1:4 as the children are becoming increasingly independant. 

Our older children are our Bumble bees, these children are 3 years and over, the children have access to the outdoors and are free to come and go. There are a wide variety of activities available for the children and we plan activities around the children's interests. 



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We enjoy a range of activities

At  Bright Skies we have been caring for children  since 1994. We have a  genuine love for children and  It matters to us that they are happy and well cared for. We also aim to support your child in every area of their development and prepare them for the future and to give the best possible start in life.  We work closely with our parents to ensure that the children in our care are content and feel secure.

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